For New Clients

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Meet & Greet (5/1 – 1/15)

New to town? Your CPA retired? Looking to switch firms? Let’s chat and see if we are a good fit.
Please provide a copy of your last two year’s tax returns for a complimentary estimate.

Please note: We are going fully remote, which means we are no longer offering in-person meetings in the office. There is no charge for a brief 10-15 minute initial virtual or telephone consultation to go over our process and pricing.

Current Clients

Phone: (831) 661-0665 or Email Me. Please note: we are no longer offering in-person meetings at our office except for special circumstances.

By Appointment Only
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Tax Consultation

I inherited money – what do I do? We are getting married – now what? I want to sell my business – what are the tax consequences? How can I assist you?

Financial Planning

Retirement planning, college savings, investment advice – let’s do it! 

IRS Matters

Got a nasty-gram from the IRS? Haven’t filed for a while? Need a payment plan? I am here to help!