Business returns – Corporations/Partnerships/Multi-member LLCs

It all starts with your accounting.  I work primarily with QuickBooks and your tax return should mirror your QuickBooks file. I only work with businesses who have an in-house or contract bookkeeper.

I will review your QuickBooks file prior to year-end to ensure your financial statement are IRS compliant. You will need to give me access to your online QuickBooks account.

I will make recommendations and provide tax planning advice on how to minimize your potential tax liability.

How the process works:

  • You will notify me after the first of the year end your books are closed. I will print the reports I need.

Please note: if there are visible errors with your books that we have previously discussed work cannot commence on your tax returns.

  • After work commences on your return, I will contact you by email to request any missing information or discuss what I need to finalize your returns. My expectation is that you will promptly respond.
  • When your return is complete, I will send you a DocuSign of your tax returns, and process your invoice for the tax return preparation. If modifications are in order, I will send you an updated tax return through DocuSign.
  • Your responsibility is to thoroughly review your tax returns to ensure they are complete and accurate before you sign.
  • Once you have reviewed your tax returns you will sign the electronic filing authorization forms. At that time, I will electronically file your returns.
  • A copy of your tax return will be uploaded to the Smart Vault. From there you will be able to download and print any IRS/FTB payment vouchers (if you didn’t opt out of electronic payments.)
  • If your books require any adjustments I will post the journal entries so that your books agree to your tax returns.