Individual Returns

How the process works:

  • It starts with Planning. September through November are the best times to do your year-end check in, while we have time to strategize and discuss various options.
  • We send out tax organizer packages either electronically or by mail in early January.
  • After you have filled out your organizer and compiled all your tax documents, you can either upload the information to our SmartVault, drop it off at the office or send by US mail. As noted on the previous page I do not hold face-to-face meetings during this time.
  • During the preparation process, if additional information is needed, I will reach out to you either by phone or email. My expectation is that you will promptly respond.
  • When your return is complete, I will give you recommendations to minimize your tax liability, if possible. After that I will send you a copy of your tax returns, with a DocuSign, and process your invoice for your tax preparation fee. My expectation is that you will promptly respond to DocuSign requests for signatures.

Your responsibility is to thoroughly review your tax returns to ensure they are complete and accurate before you sign. 

  • Once you have reviewed your tax returns you will sign the electronic filing authorization forms. If you are filing a joint return both spouses must sign. At that time, payments are due, and then I will electronically file your returns.
  • A final copy of your tax return will be uploaded to the Smart Vault within 48 hours. From there you will be able to download and print any IRS/FTB payment vouchers (if you opted out of electronic payments).


Audit Protection Plan

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