2019 Tax Preparation Fee Schedule

Effective January 1, 2020

  • Ground  Zero is $300 – the newly revised Form 1040 includes schedules 1-3.
  • Level 1 is $375 and includes Federal Form 1040/ CA 540, itemized deductions such as medical, mortgage interest, property taxes & charitable contributions. The fee also includes a recommendation for tax savings & withholding strategies for 2020.
  • Level 2 is $450 and includes everything in level 1 and Schedules B & D for reporting interest/dividends and capital gains/losses for up to 3 brokerage statements when client provides all stock cost values.
  • Level 3 is $535 and includes everything in level 1 plus 1 rental (Schedule E) and all rental related schedules.
  • Level 4 is $595 and includes items in level 1 plus one full business schedule (Schedule C), plus Home office deductions, depreciation, self-employment tax, and calculated estimated tax payments for the following year.
  • Level 5 is by quote. For tax returns which have more complexity than the above levels, we will review your prior year tax returns; determine new items that need to be reported in the current tax year and quote a flat fee based on these.

For additional schedule fees not listed above please click here.

Additional Services

  • Financial planning – billed at a flat rate or hourly, depending upon type of engagement.
  • Tax projection: W-4 calculation for next year with 1 change scenario. $175.00
  • On-site professional services are billed at $250.00 per hour in 10 minute increments.