2022 Tax Preparation Fee Schedule (Estimate only)

Effective January 1, 2022

Please note that for the 2021 tax filing season the minimum cost of tax return preparation for Form 1040 starts at $450 and we are going fully remote which means we are no longer offering in-person meetings in at our office.

  • Level 1 starts at $450 and includes Federal Form 1040/ CA 540, itemized deductions such as medical, mortgage interest, property taxes & charitable contributions. The fee also includes recommendations for tax savings.
  • Level 2 starts at $525 and includes everything in level 1 and Schedules B & D for reporting interest/dividends and capital gains/losses. Clients will provide all stock cost values. Additional fees apply. See link below.
  • Level 3 starts at $625 and includes everything in level 1 plus 1 rental (Schedule E) and all rental related schedules.
  • Level 4 starts at $695 and includes items in level 1 plus one full business schedule (Schedule C), plus home office deductions, QBI deduction depreciation, self-employment tax, and calculated estimated tax payments for the following year.
  • Level 5 is by quote. For tax returns which have more complexity than the above levels, we will review your prior year tax returns; determine new items that need to be reported in the current tax year and quote a flat fee based on these.

The preceding fee schedule is an estimate only. The “charge by form” method of tax return preparation is a transparent but imperfect way to apply the costs for the total time to prepare the tax return package. The cost to prepare your tax return all comes down to the overall amount of time spent working on your returns.

For schedules not listed please click here for fees.

Additional Services

  • Financial planning – billed at a flat rate or hourly, depending upon type of engagement.
  • Professional services are $275.00 per hour, billed in 10-minute increments.